Fencing Cardiff- what types of garden fences can you offer?


We can supply and build many different types of garden fencing here in Cardiff.

The most popular type of fencing is what’s called “feather edge fencing”– yet we can offer you many different options to choose from.

In this article, we will look at the most popular types of fencing we build:


What is feather edge?

If you’re looking for “fencing contractors Cardiff on Google, then most companies will offer feather edge fences.

That’s because right across the U.K it’s by far one of the most commonly used type of fencing, its used by homeowners as well as many companies.


How is feather edge fencing built?

Feather edge can come in one of two ways, that’s in a pre-made panel, which is has already been assembled in a factory, or as loose slats, which then need to be nailed to a wooden rail.

Here at Hyden Bros, we are Cardiff fencing contractors that purchase feather edge slats, we then use nail guns to apply each slat to a timber rail.

The rail is then fixed to the fence post.

We can also take away your old fence for you as well.


What is panel fencing?

Panel fencing is another very popular type of fencing, and it can come in many different designs.

For example, there are panels which look like feather edge, there are options which have trellis on the top.

There are also composite fencing panels, these are more expensive, yet they don’t need to be painted, and are very hardwearing.

Composite fencing panels come in a huge range of colours, plus some manufacturers produce decking as well.

Therefore we could build in Cardiff composite decking and fencing which matches in colour.


Hardwood fencing

If you would like a really high-quality garden fence built, then why not consider having the fencing built out of hardwood, such as red cedar wood?

Red cedar wood is expensive, yet it looks amazing.


Hit and miss fencing

A really popular type of fencing is called hit and miss.


Fencing Cardiff- why should we hire your company to build our garden fence?

There are a lot of fencing contractors to choose from, however here at Hyden Bros we have been building summerhouses, decking and also fencing for a very long time.

This means we have carpenters that everyday build fencing, so our fences are built strong, plus, because we can build a fence quickly, we can offer affordable prices.


Picket fencing

Picket fencing is ideal for a fence that needs to be built on a front lawn.

Another common use is to use a picket fence to divide a shared driveway.

Often the homeowner doesn’t want a tall fence built on the front lawn, instead they would like a picket fence, that marks the dividing line between next door, yet doesn’t block out any light.


Commercial fencing

We can also build fencing for businesses, for example you may want feather edge built, or perhaps metal fence?


Built to be durable

As we are fencing contractors that have been building fences for a long time, we make each fence that we build durable, here’s how we do just that:


We dig deep fence post holes

A mistake some fencing companies sometimes make, is to rush building the garden fence, and digging shallow post holes.

This often means that in strong winds the fence is likely to sway and become damaged.

Sometimes when a fencing contractor hits an obstruction say just a brick  that’s buried in the ground, they may dig one post hole too shallow.

That’s because they don’t want to remove the obstruction, yet, we know unless all post holes are dug to a deep enough depth, then during say strong winds, or even just through a breeze the fence will become damaged.

This is why we always have a team of builders who dig the fence post holes to a deep level.

We either use a spade, or sometimes when the ground is very dense, such as when a garden that has wet clay, we use a micro-digger to dig the post holes.

Then we can use concrete or wooden posts.


Timber merchants

There are a lot of timber merchants in Cardiff, yet, with that said, we have been using the same businesses for a very long time,  that’s simply because we know, whether its feather edge, hit and miss or picket fencing, we know the timber fencing is of a consistently high-quality.

So this means, we don’t purchase the cheapest fencing we can, to increase our profits, instead we buy quality every time.


We can improve your whole garden

We don’t just build fencing, sometimes homeowners, in areas such as:

–        Llanishen

–        Roath

–        Cyncoed

–        Penylan

–        Rumney

–        Llanrumney

–        St Mellons

–        Whitchurch

–        Llandaff

All hire us, as sometimes they want landscaping work completed as well, such as new patio, wall or decking built.




The main reason so many people in Cardiff choose Hyden Bros, is simply because we have been building garden fencing, summerhouses and decking for a very long time.

We therefore employ many carpenters.


Free quotes in the Cardiff area

We can offer you free quotes, whether that’s for us to build new garden fencing, new decking or perhaps a new summerhouse?

We can offer you a free quote, so why not e-mail us  today?

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