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If your looking for a local fencing contractor, then why not call Hyden Bros. we have been building garden fencing for a long time, plus, if you would like we can also offer a quote for our other services, such as building a wooden summerhouse, or perhaps decking? Plus, whichever fencing you opt for, you can be rest assured that we only purchase from timber merchants that supply top quality wood.

We are fencing contractors that supply and install fencing across Cardiff and all of the surrounding areas.

So if your looking for a new fence, or pehaps you really want to push the boat out, and have new decking and also a summerhouse built, then why not call Hyden Bros today?

We are based in Cardiff.


Are you looking for a local fencing contractor?

There are many Cardiff fencing contractors, quite literally if you look on Google, for say “garden fencing”- well there’s hundreds of fencing businesses you could call.

Yet, with that said, there’s a reason why Hyden Bros are always busy in Cardiff, and that’s because, we have kept our formula for success rather simple.

That is we buy quality timber, for local timber merchants, and we make sure the timber is of a consistent high quality.

Then we have joiners which work for us, who build our bespoke garden rooms, as well as our fencing and decking.

This means that we consistently deliver high quality workmanship.


Fencing contractors Cardiff

So, if your on Google right now, you might be looking for local fencing businesses, so the question is, out of say the 100 businesses, why choose us?

Well, first of all we have many positive reviews on Google My Business.

Next, we offer free quotes, plus, we have an estimator in Cardiff that can even come and offer a price late evenings and on weekends.

Next is our carpenters, they ensure that every fence is built to a high standard.

How do you ensure your supply good quality fencing?


We supply high quality fencing, that’s because we use timber merchants which supply us with:

–        Quality panel fencing

–        Quality feather edge fencing

–        Quality hardwood fencing

–        Quality composite fencing

–        Quality hit and miss fencing

–        Quality picket fencing


Do you offer free quotes?

Yes we do, we offer free quotes if you live in Cardiff.

We also build decking, fencing and summerhouses in these areas also:

–        The Vale of Glamorgan

–        Newport

–        Bristol


Why are you such a popular fencing company?

You may have seen one of our many vans whilst driving around Cardiff?

That’s because, right across Cardiff at anyone time we are normally busy building a lot of different fences.

This can range from acoustic fencing, that can if built right, can help to block out some road noise, through to using composite fencing, this type of fencing does not incur wood rot, as its made from plastics, and because it’s been manufactured, it can be hardwearing, if the right brand is purchased.

Often our customers want to improve their garden by having a large garden room built, as well as decking and fencing.

Sometimes we are also asked to do some landscaping work, such as build a new patio, path way, or build a sleeper wall.

A sleeper wall is built using railway sleepers.

As you can see we are a company that can improve any garden.


Can you also paint our fence?

Yes, a lot of our customers also opt for composite decking and fencing.

Composite fencing does not need to be painted, as it’s a manufactured product, so its different from wood.

Composite fencing doesn’t need to be painted, and comes in a huge range of colours.

We don’t wont panel fencing, can you offer different fencing options?

Sometimes a homeowner will live somewhere where strong winds are blowing over their garden fence.

The fence is therefore continuously damaged, and often the homeowner is looking for an alternative type of fence which is much stronger. We offer many strong types of fence, which range from hardwood options, through to feather edge and hit and miss.


A lot of different fencing options to choose from

When you hire us as your fencing contractors, our estimators can explain all the different types of fence we build.

This can range from composite that never needs to be painted, through to feather edge, with concrete gravel board and post.

Concrete gravel board and post, combined with high quality feather edge is a hardwearing fence, therefore it does offer fantastic value for money.


High quality fencing

Sometimes we are called, as the customer wants a very high quality fence built, using hardwoods.

Our joiners in Cardiff can build driveway gates, fencing and decking using hardwoods.

Hardwoods, such as red cedar are much more expensive, but some homeowners want hardwood used, as hardwood looks very different from say pine.


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