What are some of the benefits of purchasing composite decking?



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We think that composite decking is a great alternative to timber decking, and we will explain why composite can be more environmentally friendly. Composite decking is simply made from recycled materials, yet this does depend on the manufacturer, as there are many different brands which produce this type of decking.

Composite decking can be very durable, which is why when you visit say a restaurant that has an outdoor seating area, often composite is used, rather than timber decking.

Composite decking is therefore ideal for customers that want a durable and long-lasting product, yet again, we would have to say quality does vary depending on which manufacturer of composite you buy.

Here at Hyden Bros, we only use a selection of top brands, so that we know when we are building decking for our customers, that we are supplying a good quality product.

If you purchase a top brand, which is what we supply and install, then composite decking can also be low maintenance and easy to clean, which another reason why its so popular with homeowners.



So we would say that one of the main reasons our customers opt for composite decking is that it can eco-friendly, depending on the manufacturer. For example, some brands even produce the decking from 90% recycled materials.

This is worth keeping in mind, as even though timber decking might be from sustainable forests, it still involves cutting down trees for its production.

This is why with composite, when the content is made from recycled materials, your not only obtaining a product that can be very hard wearing, depending on brand, but also, it can help the planet at the same time.


Why choose Hyden Bros in Cardiff to build your timber or composite decking?

There are many reasons to choose Hyden Bros to build your decking, the main reason is we only supply and install top brands of quality decking. This is important as there are some cheap alternatives, yet we only recommend manufacturers that we only offer a good quality product. This means we only build quality decking, which is offered at a very fair price.

What are the benefits of having decking built in our garden?

 A high-quality deck, that’s made from composite can stand up to the elements and create a brilliant space for outdoor dining, socialising with friends, or simply a place to enjoy a bottle of wine on a summers evening.

Therefore, our composite decking can provide a comfortable and enjoyable space for you and your family to spend time outdoors this summer. Best of all here at Hyden Bros, we offer some really great prices on decking. Here are just a few of the reasons why quality decking is worth the investment:


Durability (we use high-quality makes of composite decking)

Quality decking should be built by carpenters that build it strong and to make it durable, using high quality screws.

Low quality timber decking can suffer from wood rot quickly, can become slippery and can look green with algae, yet this is why here at Hyden Bros, we recommend opting for a top brand of composite decking.

Composite decking is resistant to wood rot,



Make the most out of your garden this summer

 Quality decking can enhance any garden in Cardiff, and may make you want to spend time outdoors, enjoying your garden. Whether that’s to read a book, have a glass of wine, or simply to have your friends over for a barbeque.

Composite decking is comfortable

Cheap decking can mean the wood splinters, and becomes slippery in wet weather, it might even give way when under pressure due to wood rot.

This is why we always say that a top brand of composite decking can be more conformable, simply because there wont be any splinters.  


Environmentally friendly

High quality composite decking is often made from environmentally friendly recycled. This means that you can feel good about your purchase knowing that it is helping to protect our planet.


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