What colour should I paint my garden fence and shed?



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If you’ve just had a garden fence built by us at Hyden Bros, well your probably now thinking of painting your fence or shed?

Yet with so many products to choose from at the local DIY store, your probably wondering which ones our fencing company recommends?

If so, we have written this helpful article to help you to decide which product to purchase.  


So, there are a few things to consider when choosing a paint colour, that’s for your garden fence or if you are painting your shed.


First, think about the overall look of your garden- is it more modern or traditional?

If you have a modern garden, lets say you have grey composite decking, and our team has put LED lighting to illuminate a walkway at night, why not have a colour mixed, for your fence and garden shed that’s the exact same shade as the decking? We don’t just build fencing, we can also offer decking as well.

If you have a more traditional garden, full of flowers, green lawn and trees, why not opt for a colour that blends in, so is not say a wood colour, but instead a shade of green?


Fencing contractors in Cardiff

We are fencing contractors, so this means we build fences using different wood.

For example, one week we could be building a Cardiff fence using red cedar, the next, feather edge or a panel fence.

There are many different types of timber, so why not ask us which paint, stain or varnish we would recommend?

For example, the paint you would use on a say a panel fence, that’s made from pine, will be very different from the varnish you need for a hardwood fence.

Because we are a Cardiff fencing company that’s been building fences for a long time, we can recommend the right paint.

Our fencing company can even recommend the brand of paint, and where we would recommend purchasing it from. That’s if you don’t want us to paint the fence, and you would like to paint it yourself.


Think about rust

Some fencing companies build a fence that don’t consider rust.

That’s to say may use fixings, such as a latch, bolt or lock that’s made from steel, which can sometimes rust, and this can run down a door attached to fence.

So why not hire a fencing business, like ours, that can offer you different options, such as fixings that will not rust.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, it’s time to choose a paint colour!


Go with a colour of paint that complement your home, for example if you have a modern home, why not have a shade of grey?

If you have a traditional home, and you’ve hired us to build a Cardiff fencing, made from hardwood, why not hire us to also paint the fence?

Hardwood fencing will often need painting, we can recommend a product to use, and we can paint the fence for you.  

Should I paint or stain my fence?

If you’re wondering whether to paint or stain your fence, we would recommend talking to your fencing contractor, as different wood will need painting differently. For example, a panel fence will need a different paint than hardwood fencing.

If you haven’t got the time, why not hire us, for an additional charge, our fencing company can also paint, stain or varnish the fence for you?



Whether you decide to varnish, stain or paint the garden fence, you should make sure your using the right product for your fencing.

If you hire us as your fencing contractors, we will be able to recommend different products, we can also paint the fence for you.

If you are therefore looking for Cardiff fencing companies, to build as well as paint your fence, why not call us?  

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