What’s the cheapest garden fencing option that you offer?


We completely understand, that when strong winds make a garden fence unexpectedly fall over, it’s a cost that a lot of homeowners will not have anticipated. But do not worry, as we offer many fence options, and all of them are competitively priced.

By far the cheapest option that we offer is panel fencing, we also offer other options such as feather edge.

The more expensive fencing options that we offer, are composite and hardwood fences, these cost a lot more than panel fencing. We offer many different types of fencing.

We also offer to build timber or decking that’s made from composite, so a lot of our customers in Cardiff hire us to build a fence, and also decking at the sametime. We can offer you a free quote for decking or new fencing.

What is the cheapest garden fence option that you offer?

Often the cheapest option is to opt for a panel fence, this is quick to build, and can be the least expensive option.

There are many fence panels to pick from, these do range in price depending on quality, for example there are some which look very much like feather edge, yet they come in a panel.

Panel fencing is the cheapest option that we offer, but there many other benefits to opting for this fence other than price alone.

For example with panel fencing, its very quick for us to build a large fence, so for example, if you have a really large garden, then often we can build an entire new fence rather quickly. We start by putting in the fence posts, and mixing the concrete, once set, we can then add the fence panels.

Many different options to choose from

As we mentioned a bit earlier on, with fence panels, they come in many different options, which makes them quite different from feather edge.

We can offer fence panels which come in different heights, as well as some that have trellis at the top, ideal if you want to put climbing plants at the top? Then there’s also what the fence panels are made from, for example, most are made from wood, yet we can also build a composite panel fence.

There is even fence panels made from steel.

How much does a garden fence cost?

This does depend on how long the fence needs to be, plus also which type of panel fence you opt for. There are options which are more durable, that look like a  feather edge, or there’s cheaper options as well.

Do you only offer garden fencing that are made from fence panels?

We offer the following types of garden fence also:

·        Composite fencing

·        Feather edge

·        Hardwood fencing

·        Picket fencing

·        Commercial fencing

·        Hit and miss fencing

Can you offer me a quote on two different types of fencing, such as feather edge and panel fences?

Yes, often our customers ask us for two different quotes, once we’ve visited your garden and measured up, we can send you a quote, which has prices for say feather edge, and another type of fence such as one made from composite.

Which areas of Wales do you build garden fencing in?

We build wooden fencing mostly in Cardiff, yet we do travel to other areas, for example we are often building fencing in Newport, and the vale of Glamorgan.

Do you offer free quotes?

We most certainly do, our fencing company will need to measure your garden, also explain the different fencing we offer, and then offer you a free quote.


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