Why is feather edge used to build so many garden fences?


Let’s say your old garden fence has blown over, and is now just resembles a mass of broken wood within your garden.

So now you need a new garden fence, but you don’t know which option to go for?

Well, as established fencing contractors within Cardiff, we build many different types of wooden fencing that’s from hardwood fences, through to picket fences.

So, we are the perfect company to explain why feather edge is such a popular type of garden fence.

Yet sometimes some people will not know what feather edge fencing is, therefore within article we will explain why this is such a popular type of fence, and how feather edge can offer superb value for money.

So, what exactly is feather edge fencing?

Feather edge fencing is a type of wooden fencing that’s made using a lot of wooden slats, these slats are then nailed, or screwed to a wooden rail, this rail is then fitted to a post that’s normally concreted to the ground.

You can opt for a concrete post, or a wooden post, concrete will normally last longer as it will not suffer from wood rot.

Many feather edge fences are not painted, but we can also paint your fence as well.

Feather edge is different from many other types of fencing, such as panel fencing, as feather edge is typically not built using panels. However, sometimes a fencing contractor may use feather edge that has been made into wooden panels already.

Some fencing contractors use feather edge that has already been made into wooden panels as sometimes this can save time.

However, with that said, most of the time type of fence is made using wooden slats that are individually fitted to the rail.

So why is feather edge such a popular type of garden fence?

The main reason that this type of fencing is so popular is because this type of wooden fence is so durable. Often a homeowner will have had a panel fence that may have needed repair in the past, so often customers often ask what’s a more durable type of fence?

And we often therefore recommend feather edge.

So often a homeowner will have gone through the inconvenience of a fence blowing over in the wind, and having to repair the fence themselves, or hire a fencing contractor at short notice.

And now the homeowner may want a more solid type of fence, so they opt for feather edge.

Another reason that feather edge is so popular is because it will suit most types of homes.

So whether you have a large detached Victorian house in Roath, or you have a brand-new home in say Llanishen, normally feather edge will suit most types of property, and therefore this another reason why feather edge is so popular.

Another reason that feather edge is so popular is because its so easy to maintain, and by this we mean that this type of garden fence is easy to paint.

Has to be well built

Here’s the thing, you may get several quotes from many different Cardiff fencing contractors, and you may think well I have say four quotes, all for the same type of wooden garden fencing, so the only thing to do is opt for the cheapest quote, right?

Well, there are simply hundreds of garden maintenance companies to choose from, and fencing contractors within Cardiff, however its important to spend the time to find a company that will do the work to a high-standard.

The last thing you want is for the wooden posts to move in the concrete, because the post holes have not been dug deep enough. And sometimes some companies opt for cheap wood, which can split easily, so do make sure you pick a company within Cardiff that will offer you a quality fence.

This is how Hyden Bros makes sure that each and every fence we build is built to a high-standard:

·        We use high-quality wood

·        We purchase feather edge from timber yards that we know will supply us with quality wood

·        If the fence needs to be painted, we use quality fence paints

·        We have highly experienced carpenters that work for us

·        Hyden Bros are an established company

·        We make sure that we build sturdy fences

What’s the most affordable type of garden fencing?

By far one of the most affordable options is opt for a panel fence, however most of our customers do opt for feather edge instead, it’s a little more expensive than most panel fences, however is often more durable.

But what if my gardens on a slope?

This is not a problem, often if you hire a fencing company that hasn’t built that many garden fences , well as the fence goes down the slope often it may start to look misaligned.

However, our team of carpenters have built many garden fences, often this means that if the fence has to go down a slope, that it will still be built well.

Plus, our carpenters have built many log cabins, summerhouses and wooden decking so they are experienced at building these items in gardens to a high standard.

If there’s plants, or a bush in the way we can also offer to remove these as well, so that we have space to dig the holes in the ground for where the fence posts will go.

Do you remove trees that are in the way of my new fence?

Sometimes the homeowner within Cardiff will have a low-level fence, like a picket fence, but often the homeowner will want to change that, and have a higher fence, perhaps built using feather edge.

This is where we can help, often there’s also tree branches, or say a bush that’s in the way, we can also offer to cut back a tree, or remove the bush, so that we can build the fence for you.

Garden maintenance company’s vs fencing contractor

Okay, so it’s fair to say that within Cardiff there are many garden maintenance businesses, and these garden maintenance businesses offer a wide range of services, so for example they may build feather edge garden fencing, but also offer to build block paved driveways, cut down trees, build patios and also wooden decking.

However, we always think its better to opt for a business that builds fences all the time, we therefore can build fences faster than some other businesses, plus also we build our fences to be well-built.

Make sure those posts have enough concrete

Here’s a top tip, so many homeowners choose a fencing company that offers the lowest quote, but what if the fence is built in an absolute rush?

That’s to say the fence posts are not dug into the ground enough? So not enough concrete is used, then in high winds the fence moves, and some fencing slats may start to fall off?

Also sometimes a weak concrete mix is used, so for example too much sand and not enough concrete, this can cause the fence posts to move, which may mean your fence will fall down in strong winds.

This is why we always say to make sure if your paying for a fence to be built by a fencing contractor, to make sure the post holes are dug deep, and that a sufficient amount of concrete is used.  

Very easy to apply fence paint

Some fences are difficult to paint, so for example an extra tall fence, and a fence that has trellis which encourages plants to grow around the fence trellis, well this can be very difficult to paint this type of garden fence.

For example, once climbing plants have grown, and grown around the wooden trellis, then painting the fence, that can be very difficult indeed.

However, with that said, a feather edge fence is different, the wooden slats are fitted together, and this type of wood is easy to paint. So, if your looking for a garden fence that’s easy to maintain, and easy to paint, well why not opt for a feather edge fence?

Why should we use your garden fencing company?

There are now so many fencing companies based here in Cardiff and Penarth which is in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Some are commercial fencing contractors; however, some are domestic fencing companies, yet Hyden Bros do have the edge over some companies.

That’s because we don’t just build feather edge fences, no we also build hardwood fencing, such as red cedar, picket fencing, hit and miss as well as metal fencing as well.

So, if you would like a garden fence built by a Cardiff company, that can offer you many different options of garden fencing to choose from, well why not call us?

What would you say is the most popular type of garden fencing that you get asked to build?

By far the most popular fencing option would be feather edge, we build this for many companies, so for example to surround offices, supermarkets and commercial buildings such as factories.

Yet feather edge is also used as a popular type of garden fencing, it can also be painted colours such as dark wood colours, such as mahogany shades, or olive green so that it enhances any garden.

Do you offer other types of garden fencing?

Yes, we can also offer:

·        Picket fencing

·        Hit and miss

·        Hardwood fencing

·        Red cedar

·        Feather edge

·        We can also build wooden decking as well as offering to build summerhouses, and also log cabins as well

Used by many companies as well

Here’s another reason why Hyden Bros is so popular within Cardiff, that’s because we complete fence builds for companies and residential customers.

So often we are asked to build feather edging around restaurant car parks, supermarkets or say a new housing development, so often we have to build this fencing quickly.

This is why if a company is looking for a fencing contractor that can build fencing quickly, they often they ask us. We have a reliable team, plus equipment such as excavators, nail guns and we are able to build fences quickly.

Do you cover the whole of Cardiff?

Yes, we cover the whole of Cardiff, we also have an estimator that can offer you a free fencing quote.

But is feather edge affordable?

Yes, even though feather edge is a durable fence, its still affordable. Plus, Hyden Bros have a team of carpenters, so this means we can build your fence quickly, which means we can offer affordable prices.

We need a company that build a well made fence, have you built many garden fences in Cardiff?

We have built so many fences within Cardiff, this ranges from many garden fences, but also fences for companies that require a well-made fence.

Quick to build

We can use excavators, nail guns and other tools to make sure we can build our fences quickly. Plus the most important thing is that we have a team of experienced carpenters, these carpenters can build wooden fencing quickly.

The quality of wood can vary

Some timber yards just offer cheap wood, yet if the wood splits, and is not good quality, then this is not the wood that we use.

Instead Hyden Bros have accounts with timber yards here in Cardiff that supply quality wood, and this is why our fencing is such good quality.

Use an established fencing contractor

There are many fencing contractors, yet not all have the experience that Hyden Bros have. We have some experienced carpenters that work for us, these carpenters can build fences quickly, yet also make sure the fences are high quality.

Need a quote within Cardiff for fencing?

Whether you live in Roath, Cyncoed or Llanishen within Cardiff, we can offer you a fencing quote for free.

We have built so many fences in Penarth and also within Lisvane and Whitchurch Cardiff, so if you would like a new wooden fence built, then why not call us?

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